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Canada vs. Italia

Yesterday evening was the event! Bored and left alone for my lunch, I decided to turn on the TV to watch Olympia while eating. All excited I recognized the Ice Hockey Game: Canada vs. Italy!!!! This was my game!!! Well, for the first five minutes it was quite hard for me to decide on which side I was. Then I could definitely say: Canada! I mean, it doesn’t matter how much I’m Italian in my heart, I couldn’t defend this! Italy was soooooooo bad. Well, I mean, it’s Italy, it’s great in many different ways, but definitely NOT in Ice Hockey… They don’t have the right weather to be good in it… They are good in soccer, but noooot in Ice Hockey. O.k. I should stop now. If I ever want to move to Palermo, I shouldn’t talk like that :-).

By the way, to all my Italian and Canadian homies out there:

I have a party on Saturday, you are welcome to come ;-p